I’m built for football but I’ve never played it. My friends and I grew up on skateboards in Windsor Park, half a block from Foote Field, where the University of Alberta Golden Bears played their home games. It seems simplistic, but skaters don’t play football (at least they didn’t in early 90’s Edmonton) and football players don’t skate. These two tribes didn’t cross, which isn’t to say I didn’t notice.

Peachman is my way into that world. He might look like a first-string quarterback – but really he’s an alien, bluffing his way through all the unspoken codes of sport and sex and masculinity. The series explores elements of ritual, surveillance, identity, vulnerability, and connection all through the spectacle of American football.

Toeing a line between fantasy and reality, Peachman mixes elements from pro sports with the fuzzy boundaries of the subconscious – corporate logos, numbers and armor ultimately doing little to disguise Peachman’s less than confident role in the spotlight.

Peachman could only have been possible with the amazing dedication and talent from the people I have been lucky enough to work with. A big thank you goes out to Andy Trithardt who has inhabited the mysterious and silent lead role of Peachman since day one, helping me better understand the project through studied depth and boundless patience (and innumerable costume changes).

Adam Rankin is an artist and photographer living in Toronto. In his work, Adam explores issues surrounding vulnerability and connection, and for the past few years has been doing so by dressing himself and others up as quarterbacks. His photographs are held in both public and private collections.

If you are interested in some of his photographs to hang on your walls, Adam definitely wants to hear from you – contact him by email.

More of his photographs can be seen on his website – www.adamrankin.com